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▓ncertain, and it is this uncertainty whic▓h can cause significant emotional distress and anxiety for children and

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families, setting them back for years to come," she added.According to the agency, most family reunification requ

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ests are made in Greece, where 5,000 such appeal▓s were documented in 2016.UNICEF reported that 700 of these were

stranded in Gr

made by unaccompanied and separated chil▓dren, and that only 1,107 applicants eventually made it to their destination countries by the end of the year.Along with Greece, Hungary and ▓Bulgaria, ot

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  • sbands and fathers for month s or e ve▓n
  • years," said Afshan Kh an, UN 18%
  • ICEF regional director and▓ speci al coord inator
  • for the refugee and migrant crisis in E urope. 10%
  • "The family reunific ation 34%
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